6 Reasons Why You Get Adult Acne

Having adult acne can be just as trying for adults as it is for teens. Job hunting, social events and dating can be negatively impacted by a few pimples. Even mild acne that might seem insignificant to an outsider can force some people to miss out on opportunities and relationships that otherwise they might have explored.The following are some of the reason causes adult acne:Fluctuating Hormones
Adult acne is normally associated with the hormonal swings of puberty. But it can flare when hormones fluctuate. Some women get it as a result of hormonal swings during pregnancy and menopause.Discontinuing Birth Control Pills
In some cases, women might get adult acne once they stop taking birth control pills, which mean the pills may have been keeping their acne at bay.Taking Certain Medications
Some pills like birth control pills which contain estrogen and progestin, often help control acne in women. It might get worse if a birth control pill contains only progestin.Side Effect of Other Medications
These include anti-convulsants, corticosteroids, and sobriety drugs. Adult acne will develop or getting worse when stops taking a prescription medication. You need to talk with the doctor who prescribed the medication if you having this kind of problem. And ask for other medication that will not cause acne to flare.Stress
Some studies showed that stress may trigger adult acne in women. There is a relationship between increased stress levels and higher levels of acne in women with fast-paced careers. In response to stress, the body produces more androgens that stimulate the oil glands and hair follicles in the skin. When over-stimulated such as during times of stress, acne can flare.Products Used On Hair and Skin
Products such as oily sunscreens and hair greases promote a type of acne called acne cosmetica. To less likely to cause adult acne, make sure the products are labeled “non-comedogenic” or “non-acnegenic” when buying.Whether you have rather mild or severe acne, effective adult acne treatments are available and your condition can improve.